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Oceans Apart

By C.F. Corbett

Kate Armstrong is a vivid dreamer. She’s plagued by nightmares from a previous relationship and a secret that she hasn’t shared with anyone. Each day she battles her past to feel whole again,  until she meets the strikingly handsome lawyer, Stephen Montgilveroy. She’s instantly drawn to him but is unsure if she’s ready for a relationship, especially with a man who comes from an aristocratic family and lives in another country.

Stephen Montgilveroy is stubborn and confident. His future set from the time he was a child but struggles with his mother’s ancestral morals that he and his sister, Lily, can only marry a person with the same social status. When he meets Kate Armstrong his attraction is evident. She’s a woman who bears her soul and is different from any other woman he’s met. He’s confused with his desire to be with Kate, his future responsibilities, and his mother’s rule. But will his stubborn pride drive Kate away from him?
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