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Author Cathy Corbett debuts with an enchanting novel that introduces us to two souls that will be love’s next project!

She is overcome with nightmares from her previous relationship and is not in anyway ready to trust another man in her life. Her main goal is to pick up the broken pieces of her life and strive to get her life back. But when she meets handsome lawyer, Stephen Montgilveroy, she finds herself in a battle that she is unable to deny.

He is from an aristocratic family bound by generational traditions and obligations. His future is set to work with his father at the family law firm and in time, takeover. But when he meets Kate Armstrong, he begins to stray from the path his family set out for him and follow a different path, his heart.

Will their love be enough to set them free from the restrictions set by themselves and their family? Know the answer by reading this compelling novel that lets us see that love is more than enough even if lovers are Oceans Apart!



Oceans Apart

By C.F. Corbett

164 Pages
Published by
iUniverse on October 09, 2015

Book Tags
Fiction | Historical

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